A Birds Eye View Exhbition

             Please take the time to view and enjoy these wonderful works of art by Charley Harper.  This retrospective exhibition debuted January 12, 2012, and ran through February 16, 2012 at the Reed Gallery, University of Cincinnati.  The comprehensive volume represents a selective spectrum of  the artistic endeavors of Harper, and how his surroundings, travels, and family influenced his work and spurred his career.


             Charley’s love of nature began on the family farm along with his desire to become an artist. That desire brought him to Cincinnati and later New York to study art and see the world beyond the farm.  Charley further developed his minimalist style as a scout in the WWII European campaign, teaching him how to quickly capture the essence of the moment.  His return to Cincinnati and his sweetheart Edie brought stability to his life and direction to his work. Upon graduation, Charley received a prestigious scholarship, which allowed the two to embark on a cross-country honeymoon, documenting their travel with watercolor sketches. Establishing his new family and home provided him with the motivation to launch himself professionally by working on many high profile projects. His burgeoning career and growing reputation provided him many freelance opportunities,  leading to the formation of the Charley Harper Studio and his self-employment. His independence and unique personal style (which would later be known as minimal realism) provided to the world the prolific and iconic works known to us now and to future generations.

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