Piscine Queues


Piscine Queues


Medium : Mixed medium on illustration board

Image Size : 9.5” x 18.5"

Circa : Study for serigraph 1989

If you can't brush after every meal, better queue up regularly at the local cleaning clinic. Tiny neon gobies make a good living as dental and dermatological technicians for residents of the reef, venturing fearlessly into fang-filled caverns to dine on ectoparasites that thrive on their clients' teeth, gills and scales. Look! In the barracuda's mouth! Is that goby psychotic? No, just symbiotic. While the clients don't tip, they never gobble the gobies. They all mind their p's 'n' q's.

-Charley Harper

Beguiled by the Wild, 1994

Charley Harper Originals


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